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Join Us For A Music Together Class

Music Together is the perfect family activity in Mckinney! Our classes feature a natural family enviornment, and exposes little ones to multi-cultural songs as well as unique tones and rhythm patterns. Our semesters are 10 classes of 45 minute classes that feature songs that children will love as well as parents. Sign up to visit a class and see why we’re so excited to make music with you. Fall semester starts September 17th! Register today! Download the Music Together® Hello Everybody app to hear our music!

Music Together exposes infant and young children to live music-making and movement experiences while having fun with their families and caregivers. The mixed ages class is a natural family environment that allows older children to show what they know to the younger, wide-eyed, observers and imitators. This relaxed, no-pressure environment allows kids to develop their musical ability at their own pace. The active musical participation of parents and caregivers is vital in class and at home, regardless of their own music ability. Sign up for a demo class. Music and movement is highly beneficial for your child's development and Music Together classes make it easier than ever to facilitate this growth.

Mixed Ages Class Schedule | Fall Semester 2019
Why Choose Music Together?

Classes meet for 45 minutes for 10 classes a semester. Parents and caregivers participate in the musical circle with their littles providing a safe and nurturing enviornment to explore music and movement. Parents and children will continue learning the songs at home to become familiar with the song cycle.


Registration is $35. Classes are $235 a semester. Siblings are $175 with the exception of babies under 8 months and children over the age of 5 who are free. Parents will then have access to the family music zone.

Class Expectations

Parents or caregivers are expected to particpate 100 percent of the time in the lesson to model the activity for their children. Children are learning even if they are just watching, they do not have to demonstrate any activity. It is developmentally appropriate for babies to stick the instruments in their mouth, rest assured that we sanitize all equipment after each class and there is no need to try to take instruments away from children unless they are not being safe. Children also do not need to be scolded if they leave their seating area or if they start to whine. If your child's behavior becomes a safety concern (throwing instruments, running quickly) and you need a bit of space there is another room that we offer to regroup.